Why Should You Choose Footwear Made With Cork?

What is Cork? What is Cork Sole Footwear?

Cork is a widely used natural material produced from the bark of oak trees. It is mainly used to make cork lids for wine bottles and sometimes even bulletin boards. 

Since cork has proved to be very durable, it is a formidable option for shoe soles. When cork outsoles are under production, they are bonded with resin to increase durability. In addition, insoles made from cork have comfortable footbeds that can also relieve pain while walking.

Why Cork? The Advantages of Cork Sole Footwears?

Here is a glimpse of the benefits of cork footwear:

  • Cork Is Extremely Comfortable: The main benefit of using cork footwear is that they are very comfortable. In addition, just like the ligaments in your body, cork can absorb shock. Thus, it relieves pressure on your feet, allowing you to walk the extra mile without stressing yourself. Besides, they offer a great fit and reduced chances of an ankle twist while taking a stroll in the neighbourhood. Cork will bend and mould to the structure of your feet and will roll back to its original shape once you remove your feet. For this reason, they are also a good choice to keep a pair in your luggage while you travel.
  • Cork Is Porous: Cork is porous, and thus it regulates the moisture in your feet. As a result, it keeps sweat and foul odour away and maintains your feet' health. There is less dust build-up in your shoe, and the chances of harmful bacteria forming get reduced significantly. If you're suffering from allergies, this is the right material for you. Cork is hypoallergenic and will provide soothing comfort to your skin.
  • As Sustainable As They Come: Since cork is produced from the bark of the oak tree, it does not require them to be completely cut down. It makes cork very sustainable and nature-friendly. Furthermore, cork is harvested after an extended period, between 9 to 25 years, and thus, the procedure does not harm the population of oak trees. In addition, the material is reusable and used in flooring and insulating homes.

Why is Cork Sole Footwear a Sustainable Footwear Solution?

Oak trees are native to southern Mediterranean countries like France & Italy and North African countries like Tunisia & Algeria. They can produce bark throughout their lifetime. However, once the trees are fully grown, the bark is harvested, and a mark is made on the tree. This mark signifies that the tree has already been stripped of its bark, eventually allowing it to recover its layer of bark. Scientific studies have shown that oak trees stripped of their bark can live up to 150 times longer.

As you already know, the oak trees are not cut down to extract the bark. This makes cork an nature-friendly and sustainable material. Moreover, the cost of production is significantly less, and thus, cork is not a costly commodity.

What Makes Cork Sole Footwear Best?

Cork is buoyant and thus water-resistant. This quality of cork protects the shoes from rain and mud. As a result, you can wear cork shoes all year round and through the seasons without fear of any damage.

Doctors recommend this material for patients with orthopaedic ailments. Cork shoes provide additional support and comfort in such conditions.

FAQs About Cork Footwear

  • Is cork sole flexible?
  • Yes! Cork is very flexible, compressible and elastic. It will mould back to its original structure no matter how much pressure is applied to it initially.

  • Are cork sandals waterproof? 
  • Although cork is not 100% waterproof, it is water-resistant. It repels water from its surface and does not let it clog the corners and crevices of the footwear.

  • Are cork shoes suitable for your feet?
  • Doctors highly recommend cork shoes for patients with feet and back pain. They can absorb shocks from bumps while walking and provide relief during pain. In addition, the footbed moulds into the shape of your foot and reduces the pressure on your feet significantly.

  • How long do cork shoes last?
  • Cork shoes can last for several years of moderate use. You can use them daily, like when visiting the market or traveling nearby locations with comfort.

  • Is cork nature friendly?
  • Yes! Cork is 100% environment friendly. It originates from the bark of oak trees, which they eventually recover. Moreover, they are reusable in floorings and home insulation.

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