What your shoes mean for your health.

Vanity. Although none of us would admit it, it is something we all indulge in. From food to décor to fashion we could say we are covered in vanity from head to toe and we are no different when it comes to our choices in footwear. Buying beautiful footwear is always a number one priority on everyone’s list. But why stop there?

We are here to argue your checklist for your next footwear purchase should have both style AND comfort on it. Because your feet are built to support your body and when the support you offer your feet isn’t up to the mark your entire body is askew. Pretty footwear doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and we say it most definitely shouldn’t be uncomfortable for the following reasons

1. You get what you give – Circulation!

Well-cushioned shoes allow you to go through your entire day comfortably, and healthy circulation allows oxygen and nutrients to flow through your entire body comfortably. But when you wear uncomfortable shoes, your feet swell, causing your body’s circulation to get affected. Whether you want to buy shoes for women or buy men’s flip flops, when you choose well-cushioned and comfortable footwear, it allows your feet to not feel the damage of wear and tear your feet go through in your day-to-day activities and enables smooth circulation in your body!

2. Stand proud and tall – Posture

Your feet depend on a well-cushioned shoe, the way your entire body depends on your feet. Your feet are the base of your body, when the base isn’t right everything gets affected. Comfortable shoes allow your feet to feel supported, enabling you to hold a proper posture for long periods. Comfortable feet allow your weight to be evenly distributed ensuring that your body doesn’t develop any strain or pain over time.

3.You’re getting on my nerves! – Nerve health 

Uncomfortable shoes can be annoying and they can get on your nerves. But they can also be unhealthy and quite literally get on your nerves! Wearing uncomfortable shoes that do not make your feet feel right may start chipping away at your nerves. They may press on the nerves in your feet and cause pain in the nerves running all over your body. Switching to comfortable footwear combats the pressure and impact

caused by your day-to-day activities on your nerves.

Walk a mile in my shoes – Walk better

An average person walks 3000 steps on a regular day, the impact your body weight puts on your feet as you take these thousands of steps without comfortable shoes will damage your feet. By switching to comfortable shoes, your body movements in your day-to-day activities can be made significantly lighter on your feet. Improving how active you are as well as your overall health!

Ultimately, if your feet are constantly neglected the rest of your life is bound to suffer. In the long run, making the switch to stylish as well as comfortable shoes will benefit both your feet as well as your overall health. We here at Paaduks are firm believers of marrying style with absolute comfort, this is reflected in our collection, Colours Of Warmth where we have rolled out a range of eco-friendly vegan shoes with 8mm sole cushioning that may just be the upcycled footwear with style your heart wants and the comfort your ‘sole’ needs!



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