Why Are Knitted Footwear for Women So Trendy In 2022?

Does the word knit take you back to the days when you wore hand-knitted sweaters by your grandma? This vintage style is still novel in today's time. The knitting style has not just allured the clothing world but the footwear industry. Knitted shoes have risen to prominence over the years for their style, pattern and sustainability.

Knitted footwear for women is available in varied patterns and designs. These are developed using a mechanized method that transforms the entire appearance. So, let us sneak peek into what makes knitted footwear the trendiest footwear for women and why it is a must in your closet.

What is knitted footwear?

Knitted footwear is created through the process called knitting instead of sewing. The shoes' upper is knit or braided from front to back, offering a typical pattern resembling tiny braids.


How is knitted footwear made?

Knitted shoes are made using knitted uppers to provide better fitting. The uppers follow a peculiar fitting process which includes using a plurality of sections created from different yarns and knits. These are then knitted together utilizing a circular knitting machine to design a unitary and seamless pattern.


Why are knitted footwear trendy?

Knitted footwear is in trend for its soothing fashion that is easy on the eye, simplified and sustainable. Moreover, there is no need to ditch comfort for fashion. Instead, knitted flats or sandals encompass everything in one platter, including style, luxury, and comfort.

Are you still wondering what makes Knitted Footwears trendy? Read a few reasons below:

  • Highly functional: Knit footwear is ultra-functional, low maintenance and available in various colors and patterns, earning it a brownie point.
  • Best across all seasons: The peculiar pattern of woven lattice or braided knits makes the footwear breathable. Whether rain, heat or wind, you can eventually pick knitted footwear across seasons. However, you need a little more maintenance during the monsoon.
  • No worries about blisters or scrapes: Wear it for a long time, and there will be no complaints of blisters or rashes on your feet.
  • An excellent investment: Knitted footwear will keep you grounded yet not make it heavy on you. It is lightweight. That makes it best for performing daily tasks, outdoors and much more.

Put all the above points together, and you have the best one-time footwear investment that is highly functional and stylish.


Top 5 Knitted Footwear Collections for Women!

Ladies have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of footwear. It goes the same for knitted footwear for women. Here we bring you the top five collections that are on trend and a must-have in your shoe closet.


Women Noi - Coffee Color Braid Styled Summer Casuals

Women Noi - Coffee Color Braid Styled Summer Casuals

The refreshing coffee color of Women Noi is the best knitted flat to stroll the beaches in summer and pair it with your formals for an office meeting.


  • The upper straps are made of faux leather and contain a bottom insole
  • An 8mm cushioned insole makes it comfortable to walk around
  • It is entirely vegan, made of upcycled rubber and waste tyres
  • It is suitable for all seasons
  • It requires extra maintenance during monsoon
  • They are handcrafted and earth-friendly make


Women Yaku – Old Lavender - Summer Casual Flats

Women Yaku - Old Lavender Casual Flats

Richness oozes from every ounce of the Old Lavender Summer Knitted Flats. Patterned braids/ knits in cross-bow style are incredibly pleasing to the eyes.


  • These are handcrafted by talented artisans
  • The insoles are made of upcycled rubber and waste tyres
  • They are completely earth-friendly and comfortable


Women Polly – Jali Patterned Braided Summer Flats

Women Polly – Jali Patterned Braided Summer Flats

Entirely in trend today, the Jali Patterned braided knitted sandal is completely in fashion. Made out of upcycled waste tyres, it adds to the sustainability quotient taking it a level higher.


  • The 8mm insole is easy on your foot and high on comfort
  • These are best suited for all seasons
  • It needs to be protected from mud and stains during monsoon


Philly Women – Pastel Green Casual Green

Philly Women – Pastel Green Casual Summer Flats

Knitted Philly Women casual summer flats comprise an 8mm insole that provides comfort and ease when walking. Anti-slip and suited across weather are vegan footwear designed using upcycled waste tyres.


  • It has a soothing green pastel color
  • These are handcrafted by artisans
  • It is high-quality with eco-friendly packaging


Women Nod – Gold Metal Golden Braid style flats

Women Nod - Metal-Golden Braid-style Flats

Purchase exquisite and stylish knitted footwear online at Paaduks. Designed using upcycled waste tyres in rich patterns and colors, these flats are the go-to sandals for all occasions.


  • These are handcrafted and sustainable
  • It is recommended to avoid walking on mud during monsoon to prevent staining.

Can knit footwear get wet?

Here is some good news. Knit footwear is very compatible when worn during rain. While mud can pose trouble for knits making them dirty, they are still 100% water resistant. All thanks to the material that tends to repel moisture from the surface.


Are knit vegan footwear water resistant?

Vegan leathers are made of faux leathers and upcycled waste tyres. These require additional care, which is more prone to stains, and need quick fixing to avoid damage. Made of PU vegan footwears are water resistant that would prevent damage if it gets wet once in a while. However, it is recommended to be careful and avoid continuous contact with water.



Rarely do we find footwear that perfectly combines style and comfort. Knitted shoes for women add a refreshing touch to your outfit. They not only complement your attire for various events, apart from adding an urban and modest look.

So, are you ready to create a lasting impact? Revamp your shoe closet and get enticing knitted footwear to leave a perfect impression.



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