People behind Paaduks

A vision for a sustainable future. The determination to deliver it. And the zeal in its craftsmanship – Are the three fundamentals of the pact at Paaduks.

Have you ever wondered who these people behind the brand are? These creative geniuses and staunch environmentalists? The actual brains behind this business!?

If you have, then your questions have finally been answered. 

Let us meet the team behind Paaduks. The superhumans that live breathe, and work relentlessly towards achieving this vision for a sustainable yet comfortable future for all. Finally, bringing you one of India’s first and most beloved sustainable, eco-conscious footwear brands today.

Meet The Visionary: Mr Amit Jain

Spearheading this vision and a team of eco-fashion fanatics, Mr Amit Jain leads the team at Paaduks and is also the core founder of the eco-fashion premium lifestyle brand – Funky Kalakar. Amit’s strong determination and vibrant energy keep the team inspired at every step of the way with majors in accounting and finance. Due to his diligence and thoughtful leadership, both the brands are directed towards a new sustainable life and growth. Moreover, he handles overall brand strategies, business expansion as well as finance. To top it all, Amit has a solid inclination for creativity and is incredibly passionate about combining aesthetics and sustainability.

Meet the Design Hub: Aparajit (aka) Appy

On the other hand, Aparajit – aka – Appy is the brand’s own personal design hub. Her mind and talent are the cave for Paaduks end to end design solutions. Appy has been heading designing for over three years now. She has a knack to curate different expressions from varied forms of life into her designs. Appy is versatile with her skills as an expert designer; she understands the audience’s tastes and can speculate the change in audience preferences for patterns or colours. Her fascination for design makes sure Paaduks always has something edgy, stylish, and new in-store with an early collection. She is truly a perfectionist and an unstoppable force to be reckoned with who is always passionately looking for more.

Meet The Backbone: Nasim (aka) Nasim Bhai

Every business system has a backbone, and Nasim – aka – Nasim Bhai, goes above and beyond with our brand. He is constantly building a solid business backbone in terms of production and postproduction processes. Nasim amplifies the affirmation in the whole production and operations team with his go-getter spirit and positive attitude. As a Production Head at Paaduks, Nasim has acquired a beautiful connection with the craftsmen (kaarigars). This love and mutual respect amongst the people who are a part of the whole production system are well reflected in our final production output. From business relations and supply chain partners to the internal production and artisan team, Nasim Bhai always manages and organizes processes within Paaduks’ core business ethics flawlessly!



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