5 Must-Have Wedding Footwear(Vegan) for an Indian Bride

Is it your big day? A wedding is no less than a festival in India celebrated with pomp and show. The preparations begin by selecting the perfect dress, accessories and makeup. But amidst this, remember to opt for footwear that will be the unsung hero through the occasion, making you stand and walk comfortably and earn praise for your style.

This article discusses why it is necessary to choose comforting wedding footwear and lists 5 must-have wedding footwear.


Why is an Indian Wedding Special?

The very thought of an Indian wedding brings to mind grandness and eloquence. The great Indian wedding is a sight to behold, whether decoration, attire or accessories. It exudes the charm of India’s vibrant culture and its vividness. Yet, while we spend hours and months selecting the perfect outfit for the occasion, footwear often takes the backseat. 

However, we cannot deny that it is integral to completing your wedding look. Hence, whether you believe it or not, choosing appropriate footwear is vital to turn your wedding into the talk of the town.


Why must wedding footwear be most comfortable?

Your wedding footwear can turn the tables either way. It can make your day the most extravagant or break it into an uncomfortable walk. Choosing a show which is stylish but uncomfortable holds power to spoil your big day with the pain of the wrong footwear reflecting on your face. Hence, opting for comfortable and chic shoes is both important.


There are plenty of reasons why your wedding footwear must be comfortable:


  • Standing for long hours posing for photographs and greeting guests requires a comfortable footwear
  • Your day will be bright and energetic if you are comfortable wearing the footwear

Thus, there can be no compromise regarding stylish, elegant and comforting footwear.


Tips to choose the best wedding shoes to be comfortable:

  • Ensure the length of the wedding outfit goes well with the shoes.
  • Check your wedding attire and accordingly go for wedding footwear.
  • Opt for wedding footwear with block heels which are not so big nor too small.
  • Opt for contrasts. If your attire is more embellished, then pick less embellished shoes.
  • Picking strappy sandals in contemporary colour will add to the overall look of your feet.
  • Check out good options on the internet and go for multiple trails before choosing the perfect footwear.

    Which is the wide range of elegant bridal footwear?

    When it comes to wedding footwear, there is a range of elegant bridal shoe choices. Listed below are the top options, along with a few tips on how to pair them.


    • Low Wedding Heels: Low wedding heels are perfect if you are not interested in wearing high heels. Contemporary silver and pastel colours pair well with light and dark-coloured bridal wear perfectly.
    • Kolhapuris: These are traditional footwear for women, including a little heel that is neither too high nor low for the feet. It is soft on the feet and can sustain long-standing hours during the wedding.
    • Block Heels: Block heels are footwear with a height of 20mm. These in the colour of modern silver, black and pastels fit perfectly.
    • Mules: Mules are colourful wedding footwear with no constraint around the foot’s heel. These backless closed-toe shoes pair well with all types of wedding outfits.
    • Ankle strap sandals: These are sandals consisting of straps to tie up to the ankle. They add a perfect look to outfits adding to the glamorous look with contemporary wedding outfits.

      5 Must-Have Wedding Footwear for Women

      Dori Gold Casual Wedding Sandals for Women

      Dori - Gold Occassion Wear Casual Sandals for Women

      Dori Gold adds the perfect glamorous touch with its beautiful zari work, adding to the day's elegance. In addition, the tie-up straps add to the beauty quotient.

      Distinct features:

      • It includes beautiful zari work made of soft vegan leather lining
      • It comprises elegant tie-up straps
      • Its 8mm cushioned insole is comforting to the feet
      • Its soles are made of upcycled rubber tyres

        Saba Gold Multi-Occasion Sandals for Women

        Saba - Gold Multi-Occasion Wear Sandals for Women

        Saba Gold is the epitome of elegance that fits as wedding footwear. Combined with floral zari work on pastel white and tie-up straps is a go-to sandal for brides who like to keep it light yet beautiful.

        Distinct features:

        • The footwear covering is made of soft vegan leather lining
        • The 8mm cushioned insole makes it easy to sustain long hours of standing during the wedding
        • The footwear is handcrafted by expert artisans in unique designs
        • The soles are made of upcycled rubber tyres

          Tara Crimson – Box Heels for Women

          Tara - Crimson Box Heels for Women

          Elegant footwear can get up your fashion game to great lengths. And if you are looking for contemporary wedding footwear in low heels that will go with your reception and bridal outfit, then Tara box heels for women by Paaduks is the one. 

          Distinct features:

          • It includes block heels that are 20mm high
          • It consists of an 8mm cushioned insole that keeps the feet painless
          • It is made by professional artisans by hand
          • It is entirely vegan and made of upcycled waste rubber tyres

            Tara Gold Box Heels for Women

            Tara - Gold Box Heels for Women

            Gold is the colour for occasions. The bling touch of gold with a little heel will turn heads and leave the audience awed. The back strapless sandal is ideal for pairing with pastel and dark-coloured outfits.

            Distinct features

            • The sandal is made of festive fabric straps designed with soft vegan leather lining
            • The wedding and festive sandals are completely vegan and eco-friendly
            • The insoles have an 8mm cushion
            • The footwear is made of upcycled rubber tyres

              Saba New Beige Multi-Occasion Sandals for Women

              Saba - New Beige Multi-Occasion Wear Sandals for Women

              Saba new beige multi-occasion sandals are closed-toe shoes with tie-up ankle straps. The footwear is made of faux leather and vegan materials like upcycled waste tyres that are sustainable and environment-friendly.

              Distinct features:

              • It includes elegant tie-up straps
              • It consists of a 8mm cushioned insole
              • It is made of festive fabric made of vegan leather lining
              • It is environment friendly

                Top 5 Mistakes you should avoid while buying wedding footwear

                Bridal shoes provide the opportunity to grab the attention of the audience. However, it is imperative to avoid certain mistakes when choosing wedding footwear on your big day. Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid:

                1. Choose a footwear heel with a height which is comforting and that you are used to wearing.
                2. Try out your footwear before D-day to make it manageable for your feet.
                3. Only pick heeled footwear that matches your wedding dress. Thus, shop for your footwear, keeping the wedding dress handy.
                4. Never choose looks over comfort. Do not sacrifice comfort. Ensure the heels has a comforting insole that is easy on your feet.
                5. Be well prepared when choosing open-toed footwear. Ensure to perfect your toes and feet before donning the footwear.

                  Are you searching for vegan footwear for your wedding?

                  Are you looking for sustainable footwear that is free of animal cruelty? Paaduks is one of the top recommended brands providing eco-friendly vegan footwear in various designs. Buy wedding footwear online through the Paaduks website. There is a range of eloquent wedding footwear collections in bling and heels designs. Check out the website to pick the perfect vegan wedding footwear for your D-day.



                  Your wedding day will be the longest; hence, choosing comfort over anything is of utmost importance. Long hours of standing and walking require a good pair of shoes with comforting heels that do not tire you. Hence, choosing the best pair of wedding shoes that combines style and comfort is integral. So, remember to buy wedding footwear online and check out the collections.





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