Matching your apparel to your footwear

We have seen innumerable designers and clothing brands portraying models with clothes and shoes that always seem to match well every time. While coordinated heels and dresses have always been a legit red-carpet trend among celebrities lately, it has become quite a ritual for everyday fashionistas. Through their influence, everyone else levelling up their fashion coordination skills with this trend!

We are here to let you in on some tips for matching your outfits with your footwear, so you get that perfect #OOTD looks in no time while still being trendy.

  • Choose shoes that are one shade darker than your outfit.

To avoid the cringe effect from mixing two similar but slightly different colours, opt for a pair of shoes that stand slightly darker than your outfit—such as a bright red lace dress with a pair of darker toned red sandals. The different shades may not be as quickly noticed but will prevent your reds from clashing while enhancing that ‘oomph factor to your look.

  • Fashion a matching look with slight colour shade variations 

Worried you will look too matchy-matchy? Choose a single colour as a starting point. Then find pieces in shades that are just slightly different from each other for a modern look.

  • Do not wear the same material shoes as your outfit.

To avoid looking like you just got up and went in your loungewear, make sure not to pair the same material of your clothing with your footwear. Instead, you could pick the same colour shoes as your outfit but in a different style —like velvet or metallic, which will add the needed texture to your attire. 

  • Be bold by wearing matching patterns.

Not everyone has a patterned dress and shoes in the same pattern sitting in their closet. Still, occasionally you want to make a big statement, and there is no better way to do it than by pairing accessories and an outfit in the same pattern. 

  • Apply this styling trick to more casual outfits.

There is no such rule where you need to coordinate your outfits and footwear only during cordial events. It is also pretty chic to coordinate with some casual outfits too, like peach overalls and creamy beige heels.

To sum up, here are some pointers to keep in mind as you get ready to up your fashion by matching the right kind of footwear:

  • Select shoes one shade darker than your outfit.
  • The colour contrast between the shoes and the dress looks good only if the shoe colour matches the colour of the accessories.
  • White dresses go well with white, beige and bright, multicoloured, or patterned shoes.
  • Brown dresses match with red shoes.
  • Black dresses match well with shoes of any colour.
  • With multi-colored dresses, wear black shoes if the colours on the dress are dark, or white if the colours on the dress are bright.
  • Sparkling dresses look best with peachy shoes.
  • Cut dresses without excessive details match best with patterned shoes



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