How To Style Low-Heel Sandals for a Party?

Are you among those who like to wear heels but not too high, like stilettos? Low heels are midway between stilettos and flats. Yet finding the perfect pair can be quite a task. So, have you heard of low-heel party sandals with small heels without making one uncomfortable?

This article introduces kitten heels, also known as small-heel sandals, that pair well with all types of outfits. Check out more about how you choose party low-heel sandals and tips to style them with party wear.


What are Low-Heel Party Sandals?

Low-heel sandals, also known as kitten heels fall between stilettos and flats. The heel size ranges between 1 to 2 inches high compared to 3 or 4 inches of high heels. It perfectly suits individuals who love wearing heels but not too high stilettos. Low-heel party sandals provide sufficient comfort to the balls in the feel without leading to any pain. 


Different types of Low Heel Sandals:

Did you know low heels were in trend during the 1930s? Making a comeback again in 2022, it has won the hearts of millions of women across the globe. It is the to-go footwear and a safe pick for all occasions. Low-heeled party sandals 2.0 once again makes a revival combined with a contemporary twist.

The various types of party-wear sandals with low heels include:

  • Sandals
  • Strappy heels
  • Open toe heels
  • Closed toe heels


How to style low heels for a party?

Low heel party sandals pair well with all types of outfits, from straight pants and dresses to skirts. They are the go-to shoes for any occasion, from casual events to parties. It is effortless to style with any outfit and you will never fail to create an impression.


Here are a few tips for styling short-heel sandals:


  • Pair open toe low heel sandals with legging or tapered trousers to ace the casual look effortlessly
  • Low-heeled closed shoes fit best with skirts and oversized tops to make a great impression with minimal dressing
  • Ace your Diwali look pairing low-heeled Kolhapuri sandals with ethnic lehengas and Salwaar Kameez
  • A winning combination of low heels and party dresses with straps to create a statement look


What style of dress goes with low heels?

Low heel party sandals are all outfit friendly. It can be styled with various outfits from skirts, jeans, cocktail dresses, indo-western and corporate apparel like shirts and pants.


How to style low heels for festivals?

  • Choose bling collections comprising silver and gold.
  • Opt for closed or strappy sandals that aligns with your traditional outfit
  • Pick contemporary designs with classic designs and modern colors like pastels.
  • Floral and zari patterns suit best as festive footwear.


Get the Best Low Heel Party Sandals from Paaduks

Are you searching for low-heeled vegan footwear made using sustainable materials? Paaduks is a sustainable footwear fashion brand to ace your festive look and fulfill your dream of wearing heels without opting for pencil heels with the low-heel sandals at low prices. Herein, Paaduks bling and the festive footwear collection come with comfortable 8mm cushioned insole and soft padding that prevents your feet from pain. 


Glimpse through the Best collections of low heel sandals for party wear:


Tara Crimson Low Heeled Flats for Women

Tara Crimson Low Heeled Flats for Women

Tara 20 mm block low heeled footwear for women is first of its kind made of upcycled materials like waste tyres. The enchanting color and the shine adds the perfect touch to the feel of festivity.

Why Should you purchase it?

  • It includes a 20mm block heel
  • It includes 8mm cushioned insole that is easy on the feet
  • It is handmade by professional artisans
  • It is entirely vegan made of waste tyres and upcycled rubber


Tara Gold Low Heeled Footwear for Women

Tara Gold Low Heeled Footwear for Women

Tara low-heeled flats with a 20mm block heel are the perfect pick to pair with skirts, kurtis and lehengas. Designed in the gold with criss cross strap and low heels makes it the ideal combination of comfort and style.

Why Should you purchase it?
  • Its straps are made of beautiful festive fabric with vegan leather lining
  • It includes block heels enhances the glamour quotient
  • Its soles are made of upcycled rubber tyres
  • It includes a 8mm cushioned insole that is comforting to the feet


Tara Black Low-Heeled Flats for Women

Tara Black Low-Heeled Flats for Women

Black is a classic color that never fails to create an impression. It is the go-to color for festivals and regular days. Tara low block heel sandals in black color combine zig zag straps in blingy black making it the ideal pick to choose as your festival pick.

Why should you purchase it?
  • It includes an 8mm cushioned insole, making it comfortable to walk
  • It consists of easy tie ups flexible and shining
  • It is elegant vegan footwear made of upcycled rubber tyres



    Beautiful high heels are a middle ground for all those who prefer something which is not entirely flats or stilettos. Apart from adding an inch to the height, it also promises comfort to your feet ball and legs. Paaduks low-heeled flats in blingy fabrics and 8mm heels are perfect as festival wear to ace the Diwali look.



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