Most Comfortable Men's Travel Sandals for 2023 - Hiking & Beach Walks

Travelling is fun and explorative. Yet a little discomfort can turn the events against you. It is necessary to carry all the essentials, such as water bottles, comfy clothes and much more. Amongst all these, one thing that we rarely pay attention to is travel shoes.

As walking and trekking are going to be a significant part of traveling, using the proper footwear is extremely important. Choosing the right sandal for traveling according to the destination will make you feel light and enjoy the journey.

So, read the article until the end to check out the most comfortable travel sandals for men.


Things to Consider when Buying Travel Sandals

Before traveling to a beach or trek, consider these things for buying ideal travel footwear. Check out below:

Things to Consider when Buying Travel Sandals


  • Decide your travel footwear as per the location, whether it is beach, hill station, trek or camping
  • Choose sandals with a thick insole
  • Pick sandals with a soft inner soul that is easy on your feet' balls
  • The travel sandals must enable you to walk for prolonged hours without feeling the pinch or pain
  • Opt for sandals that are suitable for muddy walks along the beach and are anti-skid resistant
  • The travel sandal must be lightweight to carry as well as stylish

Sandals with thick insoles protect from getting injured and absorb pain with ease. For instance, Paaduks sandals are popular for its 8mm insole which makes walking comfortable and easy during travel. Buy Paaduks Travel Sandals as your perfect pick.


How to choose the perfect hiking sandals?

Hiking includes walking through the forest, climbing mountains and passing through the greenery. Hence, the hiking sandals must be sturdy and anti-skid to save you from falling and reduce pain in feet.


Check out tips for choosing the perfect hiking sandal for long walks:


  • Choose hiking sandals made of sturdy materials
  • Ensure the insoles are anti-skid and save you from getting embarrassed stepping on wetland, especially during monsoon
  • Choose a sandal with a smooth insole that will save you from injuries and pain
  • Pick sandals that are easy to wear and provide a good grip while walking
  • Sandals like flip-flops and slide-ins are best-suited hiking sandals for long walks.


Which kind of footwear is best suited for the beach?

The beach area is entirely different compared to hiking in the mountains. Your beach sandals must be suitable for beaches without making you feel stuck in the stand.


Points to remember when choosing a beach-friendly sandal are:


  • The footwear must be waterproof that is anti-skid in nature
  • It should be lightweight and comfortable
  • Pick footwear that secures your feet when walking on water
  • Sandals made of waterproof materials like rubber and plastic are best suited as they are easy and quick to clean
  • Avoid choosing sandals with heels or elaborate designs that do not suit the destination
  • Sandals with rubber soles are best suited to protect from getting injured
  • Choosing sandals with back straps makes it comfortable to walk on water.
  • Footwear like flip-flops, cork sandals and slip-on sandals made of rubber and plastic are best suited for long beach walks.


Best Hiking Sandals for Men (Long Walk)


Sko Cork – Casual Long Walk Sandals for Men


Sko Cork Comfortable Casual Sandals for Men

Corks are best suited and ideal for all seasons who enjoy long strolls. Sko Cork by Paaduks brings in the best range of casual sandals that are comforting to the feet and lightweight. Check out the features below:


Distinctive features:

  • Ideal for long beach walks and treks during monsoon
  • Made of waterproof material and is anti-skid in nature
  • Comfortable insoles made of natural cork
  • Lean and sleek base sole keeps it light on the feet
  • 100% handmade using vegan material like upcycled rubber tyres.


Corduroy Sef Sand Men Sandals

Corduroy Sef Sand Men Sandals

Corduroy is classic and stylish. When choosing a pair worn for long hours, corduroys suit the best. Sef men's sandals in a rustic dark and light brown colour give the feet comfort without hurting the soles even after prolonged hours of walking.


Distinctive features:


  • It consists of an adjustable buckle
  • Vegan in nature, made of upcycled rubber tyres
  • The straps are designed with soft corduroy combined with vegan leather lining
  • The 8mm cushioned insole is gentle on the feet
  • 100% handcrafted by artisans


Calor Brown Casual Sandals for Men


Calor Brown Casual Sandals for Men


Do you like going on long walks with your friends or partner? Calor brown casual sandals are elegant, stylish and extremely comfortable. The zig-zag strap pattern helps adjust it to render comfort and walk easily for long hours without trouble.


Distinctive features:


  • Made of soft suede materials
  • Includes 8mm comfortable insole made of upcycled rubber tyre
  • Entirely vegan and free of animal cruelty
  • Designed by expert artisans uniquely


Best Beach Sandals for Men in 2023


Tev Green Slide-in Casual Beach Sandals for Men


Tev Green Casual Slider for Men


Walking on a beach can be quite a task without wearing comfortable footwear. Formal shoes or slippers can make the process too complex. Walking on a beach requires a sandal made of waterproof material. Tev green slide-in is chic in design and comforting to the feet.


Distinctive features:


  • Elegant green colour with a unique ethnic touch
  • Designed using faux vegan leather padding and straps
  • Free of animal cruelty
  • The material is entirely vegan and made of upcycled rubber tyres


Wai men Cork Casual Beach Sandals for Men


Wai Men Cork Summer Casual Slider for Men


Paaduks' range of cork beach sandals is not only fashionable but anti-skid. They are designed to keep it light on the feet and make walking enjoyable.


Distinctive features:


  • Includes soft tyre tube straps made of upcycled rubber
  • Handcrafted by professional artisans
  • Insoles are soft and flexible
  • Suitable for all seasons


Dos Dark Blue Summer Casual Slide-in for Men


Dos Dark Blue Summer Casual Slider for Men


Perfect beach footwear is comfortable, light, and stylish. It does not look out of place nor pricks your feet. Paaduks casual slide-in for men is designed to suit the occasion and keep up the vacation spirit.


Distinctive features:

  • Made of faux leather straps and bottom insole
  • Includes 8mm cushioned insole
  • Suitable for seasons
  • Animal-friendly made of vegan materials



Whether it is a casual hangout with your friends or an extended adventure escape, footwear plays an important role. These unsung heroes complete your long walk and hike without getting tired. A comfortable sandal, neither out of place nor stylish, designed in a material suitable for long walks is an ideal pick.

Paaduks vegan sandals, including slide-in and flip-flops, are made using upcycled rubber tyres and faux leather with a flexible insole. Visit the website to check out the elaborate range of best-suited sandals for beach and hikes.




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