Sandals With Jeans: 5 Best Sandals to Wear With Jeans for Women!

There is no perfect season to wear jeans. Whether summer or cold, jeans are always in trend regardless of the weather. However, pairing the correct pair of footwear with jeans can completely change the entire appearance. Are you fond of wearing sandals and that too pairing with jeans? Then summer is the perfect time to uplift your fashion game.


Summer makes the ideal time to show off your pedicure by adorning sandals. Wearing sandals with jeans is the best way to channel your vibe and create a fashion statement. So, whether you are a girl who loves to turn heads with strappy stilettos or flats, we get you a complete guide on how to up your sandals with jeans this summer.

Which are the best sandals to wear with jeans?

Wondering how to style your jeans with vegan sandals? Vegan Sandals are casual footwear and go best with jeans and a tank top. The best thing about jeans is that they do justice to all footwear, whether it is boots, flats, heels or shoes. But the best vegan sandals that can be worn with jeans are baggy jeans, straight jeans, boyfriend jeans, jeggings, and cigarette jeans.


Here are the 5 Best Vegan Sandals to Wear With Jeans in 2022:  

Check out the four best vegan sandals to pair with your jeans here:


Strappy Sandals with Baggy Jeans

Are you looking for a classy pair of sandals to pair with your jeans? Cho Beige is a casual vegan sandal for women designed with intricate sleekness and rich color. The sandals are made of vegan leather straps upcycled from rubber tyres. That gives it a relaxed look and an elegant look. Paired with baggy jeans, render the best youthful look with class.



  • It includes a comfortable insole that is 8mm high
  • It has an adjustable buckle and flexible straps
  • It can be paired with any coloured jeans

strappy vegan sandals for jeans

Flat Sandals & Mom Jeans

Vegan Flat sandals are the best casual sandals to wear for any occasion. Women Noi - Coffee is a braid styled casual flats that is lightweight and offers the perfect touch of classic vintage footwear when worn with mom jeans. Besides, flat sandals provide the ideal comfort and ease to walk, run and party without making you look out of place.



  • Comprises of steel studs on mules
  • The soft suede makes it a perfect pick for vegan footwear

 flat vegan sandals with jeans

Mule Sandals & Straight Jeans

Mule sandals never go out of fashion. These paired with straight jeans provide the perfect combination of ethnic styling with chic jeans. The USP of Brog Blue Ethnic Print Mules is that they are available in varied designs and patterns that offer the perfect contrast of style with your rusty or rugged jeans.


A pair of mules with a patterned shirt and rugged jeans with a matching pair of tote bags will complete your look for meeting up with friends and the office.



  • It is comfortable and light
  • It is available in different patterns
  • It combines well with straight jeans giving a contrasting look
  • It is ideal for summer trips and walks

mule sandals with straight jeans

Flip-Flops & Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans are called so as they are shorter than the standard length of jeans yet longer than shorts. They fall above your ankle. On the other hand, Roob vegan Flip Flops comprise a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a firm Y-shaped strap. This criss-cross makes the perfect pairing to hang out this summer and let your vibe spread out with fun.



  • It is comfortable and holds the foot firmly
  • It is available in different colors and designs
  • It is the best pick for a casual trip paired with a comfy cropped jeans
  • It helps regulate heat and not feel irked by sweaty foot

vegan flip flops with cropped jeans

Slides with Skinny Jeans

A perfect choice to beat the heat of summer, slides, also known as sliders, offer the wearer a lightness when walking. That makes it the best choice for monsoon. Moana vegan slider sandals help your foot breathe easily without making you feel the discomfort of the sun’s gaze. Paired with skinny jeans, they offer an ideal combination of style and casual look.



  • It regulates heat and reduces sweaty feet
  • It is easy to wear and remove
  • It can be worn anytime, anywhere
  • It gives the perfect vibe for summer days

vegan slides with skinny jeans

How to wear sandals with jeans to look stylish?

Sandals with jeans are quite a fashion in itself. Yet it is best to consider where you are going to walk and the place is clean so it doesn't spoil your jeans. Here are some important things to consider when pairing sandals with jeans:

So, if you are all set to ditch the usual high heels sandals to pair with jeans, here are quick tips for achieving the ultimate look.


  • Pick clothes that go well with sandals
  • If you opt for capris or wearing straight jeans yet want to make it look stylish, then strappy sandals are for you. They accentuate your ankles. Yet there is an essential factor to ensure they draw attention to your calves with strappy sandals.
  • Try our self-tie sandals pairing them with Capri jeans that are calf length. In this way, you can not only showcase your style but also turn sandals with jeans into your go-to outfit.
  • Pairing with bright colored sandals along with boyfriend jeans or straight-leg jeans with an oversized blazer adds to the bonus points.
  • Play up with some metallic colors and boot-cut jeans
  • Baggy white jeans, tank top, and long belt with plain flip-flops are made the ultimate style statements
  • Neutral sandals play the best companion when it comes to wearing wide-leg jeans


Tip: Here's a pro tip to make your feet look the best. Then do not forget to choose the best nail polish to brighten the look.


Do's & Don't for Wearing Sandals for Women

As summer makes its grand entry, sandals take up the center stage. Sandals provide comfort and class, and that creates just the best reason for ditching the popular heels. A pair of flip-flops makes a fine choice to style with jeans.


But as everything has Do’s and Don'ts, here is a quick run of what you should follow and what not.



  • Wear sunscreen if you are spending a long day in the sun.
  • You can accessorize socks with sandals if you want to balance the temperature.
  • Flat sandals to go if you depend more on mobility



  • Never forget to apply sunscreen so that your feet don’t look discolored
  • A complete no if you are walking around on a beach or a having a boardwalk on a vacation
  • Never ditch black. It is a go-to color no matter what season it is. Sandals are open and airy, and thus you can wear them in any dark shade.



Sandals are anytime in for all those who like to ditch heels or a sneaker. Are you wondering where to purchase the trendy ladies sandals for jeans? Paaduks is an ethical footwear fashion brand in India that designs sustainable and affordable vegan footwear for modern women and men, offering the best vegan sandals for women online in different colors. You can browse through the best collection of sandals to fit best with various types of jeans and uplift your fashion game.



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